Biomass chipping for local estate

One of our core services at Peter Hart Tree Services Ltd is biomass chipping, using our crane fed Heizohack chipper and Valtra forestry tractor. We supply local estates and boiler owners with quality G30 wood chip, and also offer an onsite contract chipping service. We recently carried out biomass chipping on a local Dorset estate, … Continue reading Biomass chipping for local estate

Roadside ash removal

Working for a large estate in Wiltshire on behalf of a forestry management company, we have recently been carrying out roadside felling of infected ash trees. Sadly, the outbreak and spread of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (formally chalara fraxinea) or Ash diebback as it is commonly referred to, is spreading across the British Isles with devastating effect. … Continue reading Roadside ash removal

‘Treedig’ forestry excavator

We have recently finished a machinery build that will allow us to carry out vegetation clearance safely and very efficiently. Our new 8 tonne 'tree dig' forestry spec excavator comes equipped with cab guarding, wide metal tracks for low ground pressure work, a 300mm tree shear and rotator grab. Clearing vegetation, scrub and whole trees … Continue reading ‘Treedig’ forestry excavator

Tree planting project

We have been working on an afforestation project in Dorset. This tree planting project aims to turn low grade grazing land, into a mixed broad leaf and coniferous tree plantation with the establishment over 50,000 trees. Selecting non productive grassland areas for woodland creation, especially when the ground is wet or has poor soil conditions … Continue reading Tree planting project

DWT Tree and scrub clearance project

Over the past 2 months we have been working on a multi phase tree felling project for the Dorset wildlife trust. The project is designed to return wooded areas back to heath land, with the addition of re-profiling work on ditches to create a mire and the beginnings of anaerobic conditions. Phase one has seen … Continue reading DWT Tree and scrub clearance project

Storm damaged Pine dismantle

Whilst undertaking a visual tree inspection we discovered some substantial storm damage in the crown of a mature Scots Pine. The tree had split at a major union, leaving a very large section delicately balanced on branches below. Adding to the problem was that the tree was situated near to a neighbouring building and posed … Continue reading Storm damaged Pine dismantle

Tree safety work made easier with a MEWP

A recent tree safety project at a complex of flats saw us remove the dead wood from over 40 mature trees of mixed species. Amongst the canopy of these trees were some large pieces of dead wood which had potential to cause damage to targets below, posing a threat to buildings, vehicles and people using … Continue reading Tree safety work made easier with a MEWP

Recent works…

We have been carrying out a variety of tasks over the past few months - A mixture of tree maintenence and hazardous tree removal. Below are a small selection of jobs completed. Using rigging techniques to section fell a decayed Scots pine - a tight drop zone meant that every care had to be taken … Continue reading Recent works…

New ATV forwarding trailer  

We have just taken delivery of our new atv forwarding trailer. This new addition to our kit will be teamed up with our Yamaha Grizzly quad bike and allow us to shift cordwood, brash and rings of timber arising from our tree surgery and forestry work. This useful addition to our kit will allow us … Continue reading New ATV forwarding trailer  

FCA membership

Peter Hart Tree Services have now become members of the Forestry Contracting Association. Being part of a group that advises and lobbies for tree industry contractors is always a positive thing and as a result of that, we took the decision to take up membership. "The Forestry Contracting Association (FCA) is the leading trade association … Continue reading FCA membership