New ATV forwarding trailer  

We have just taken delivery of our new atv forwarding trailer. This new addition to our kit will be teamed up with our Yamaha Grizzly quad bike and allow us to shift cordwood, brash and rings of timber arising from our tree surgery and forestry work.

This useful addition to our kit will allow us to save time and effort when moving timber, brash and arising’s produced by our tree surgery and forestry work.

ATV with forwarding trailer

The design incorporates mesh sides as well as standard timber bolsters, allowing the trailer to be used for a variety of tasks (not just moving cordwood). Crucially for us it also has a ‘bogie’ style wheel/axle configuration and we added a swivel hitch to allow safer use on uneven rough terrain.

Trailer carrying a load of brash

We put the trailer to work straight away on our ongoing scrub clearance contract for the Forestry Commission, and it has been invaluable so far in moving material to the burn site. The benefit of using the low impact quad bike and trailer on this particular site is that we can move large amounts of material whilst limiting the damage to the ground. This is paramount due to the SSSI status of the site, and helps protect the flora being retained and preserved.

Over the coming weeks it will also be put to good use on a series of tree dismantling jobs we have scheduled, helping to save time and effort that shifting large quantities of timber can take.

Tree surgery and forestry in Dorset – Peter Hart Tree Services

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