Ongoing training and certification is an essential part of working as an arborist and forester within the tree industry. We have spent a lot of time and money on becoming trained and certified over the years and below is a comprehensive list of the qualifications held by Peter Hart and his tree team.

Royal Forestry Society Cert arb

NPTC chainsaw units:

Cs30 Maintain and operate the chainsaw

Cs31 Fell and process small trees

Cs32 Fell and process trees over 380mm

Cs34 Sever individually uprooted trees

Cs35 Sever multiple windblown trees

Cs38 Climb trees and perform aerial rescue

Cs39 Operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness

Cs41 Undertake sectional felling operations and rigging

NPTC land based units:

Pa1 Safe handling and use of pesticides

Pa6 Application of pesticides with hand held equipment

208 Operate an All Terrain Vehicle

209 Operate an All Terrain Vehicle ATV with a Trailer or Trailed Attachment

Forest machine operators certificate (FMOC):

Base unit tractor

Base unit tracked machine over 2.5 tonnes

Base unit articulated over 2.5 tonnes

Felling and processing (harvesting)


Winch/line skidder



Safe use of forestry clearing saw

Professional tree inspection

Safe use of Woodchippers

Safe use of Stump grinders

Safe use of Brushcutters

First aid:

Emergency first aid at work + forestry

Other qualifications:

Safe use of Mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPS)

Arboricultural Association risk assessment

Chapter 8 Signing, lighting and guarding


Manual handling

Environmental awareness

COSH awareness

Safe use of ladders

Asbestos awareness