Biomass chipping for local estate

One of our core services at Peter Hart Tree Services Ltd is biomass chipping, using our crane fed Heizohack chipper and Valtra forestry tractor. We supply local estates and boiler owners with quality G30 wood chip, and also offer an onsite contract chipping service. We recently carried out biomass chipping on a local Dorset estate, … Continue reading Biomass chipping for local estate

Roadside ash removal

Working for a large estate in Wiltshire on behalf of a forestry management company, we have recently been carrying out roadside felling of infected ash trees. Sadly, the outbreak and spread of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (formally chalara fraxinea) or Ash diebback as it is commonly referred to, is spreading across the British Isles with devastating effect. … Continue reading Roadside ash removal

New ATV forwarding trailer  

We have just taken delivery of our new atv forwarding trailer. This new addition to our kit will be teamed up with our Yamaha Grizzly quad bike and allow us to shift cordwood, brash and rings of timber arising from our tree surgery and forestry work. This useful addition to our kit will allow us … Continue reading New ATV forwarding trailer  

Scrub clearance contract  

We are currently working on a scrub clearance contract for the Forestry Commission on various sites at Wareham main block in Dorset. Following on from the heathland restoration project in September and October we are removing Gorse, Pine, birch and other small trees to promote the heather species and clear rides. There are small pockets of Gorse … Continue reading Scrub clearance contract