Biomass chipping for local estate

Heizohack crane fed chipper ready for action
Heizohack chipper contract chipping on site at a local estate

One of our core services at Peter Hart Tree Services Ltd is biomass chipping, using our crane fed Heizohack chipper and Valtra forestry tractor. We supply local estates and boiler owners with quality G30 wood chip, and also offer an onsite contract chipping service.

We recently carried out biomass chipping on a local Dorset estate, which utilised their own home grown timber in two large biomass boilers. These in turn provide heating for many properties on the estate.

Creating home grown sustainable energy with a minimal carbon footprint – From woodland straight to biomass boiler in under a few miles.

Working in tandem with the estate farm team who hauled the chip using their own tractors ad grain trailers, we produced 8 trailer loads – approx 140-150m3. These went straight to the custom built dryer/storage facility, ready to be burnt as fuel in the boiler system.

Heizohack biomass chipper creating wood chip
Heizohack chipper creating biomass woodchip

For all contract chipping and wood chip supply equiries, please contact us on:

07907 033433 or email at

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