Tree safety work made easier with a MEWP

A recent tree safety project at a complex of flats saw us remove the dead wood from over 40 mature trees of mixed species. Amongst the canopy of these trees were some large pieces of dead wood which had potential to cause damage to targets below, posing a threat to buildings, vehicles and people using the adjoining footpath and road.

In order to complete the task more efficiently and make working at height safer, we utilised a lorry mounted mobile elevated work platform (MEWP). Not only did this make the task of manoeuvring around the crown easier but it also increased the speed we could thoroughly complete the dead wood removal in each tree.

Tree access using a MEWP

A row of sizeable red oaks with large spreading limbs growing over a row of garages posed a particular problem, as access with a rope and harness would be tricky. The MEWP allowed us to position in the car park and access the difficult to reach branches over the garage with ease. Having such a solid, easily manoeuvrable working platform removed the worry of controlling each piece away from the targets below.

Accessing the crown over buildings

Once access prevented the use of the MEWP we reverted back to rope and harness techniques making best use of SRT (single or static rope technique) to get the job done. Pictured below is the jameson ‘Big shot’ we use to fire a throw-bag attached to thin cord to the top of the trees canopy to gain a suitable anchor point. Climbing ropes are then pulled over the isolated limb with the thin ‘throw-line’ and back down to the climber ready for climbing to commence.

Big shot

having now checked each tree in turn and removed dead branches, the residents, visitors and pedestrians walking around and past the property will be safer; though cases of living branch failure do and will occur, we have at least ensured that any preventable incidents are negated for several years to come.

Arborist Peter Hart tree climbing

For tree safety works please contact us via email at or telephone: 07907 033 433

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