Contract complete…

We have completed our chemical weeding contract for the Forestry commission for 2016. The recent addition of a Yamaha Grizzly 450 quadbike to our machinery inventory helped make light work of tackling the large stands of rhododendron we encountered at Rempstone.

The added advantage of a powered sprayer attachment with a 95 litre tank (holding water mixed with Roundup and mixture B) and the double hose lance combination meant that we could get very effective coverage on the plant thanks to the high pressure pump, and downtime for mixing up and return trips to the Land Rover was reduced greatly due to the high volume carried at any one time. The all terrain ATV made light work of very rough ground and allowed us to access rides and racks to get into every location on our site map.

The results of last years efforts were clear to see with large areas of previously thick rhododendron stands completely killed off, eradicating the unwanted invasive whilst making way for heather species to get established.


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