Dead wood removal works

Recently we have been concentrating our efforts on aerial tree work to remove deadwood and ‘hanging branches’ from various trees around Dorset. often a common problem with Pine trees common to Poole and Bournemouth, deadwood and ‘hangers’ (as we call them!) pose a threat to buildings and more importantly people that may be below them. 

Taking the time to remove deadwood mitigates against damage to targets such as greenhouses, property roofs and sheds caused by falling debris, but also gives the tree a tidy appearance and can allow greater levels of light penetration through the canopy (especially on coniferous species such Scots pines).

After all, tree maintenance such as dead wood removal is a vital part of responsible tree ownership and failure to keep trees regularly checked and safe can lead to liability issues if damage or injury does occur.

The best bit for us…..we get to enjoy views like this one of Poole Harbour and the Purbecks whilst we carry out the works!

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