A move to become more efficient…

In an attempt to become more efficient and save precious energy, a place was booked onto a recent practical climbing workshop at Treekit. The guys at Treekit have been pushing the SRT (stationary or single rope technique) for some time now and I thought it was only right that I should find out all about the new movement within the tree climbing industry. After learning the basics about setup, equipment and safety it was time to put theory into practice. Sure enough a eureka moment ensued and the realisation that this system does make life a whole lot easier!

SRT setup with rope wrench and stiff tether

The practical use of SRT allows quick access with limited energy output meaning that work on big trees (Pine deadwoods being a classic example) is now not only quicker and less tiring, but even more enjoyable!

The next challenge having learnt the basics is to make the transition over to using the SRT technique for work positioning as well as the initial access into the canopy. Its one I’m looking forward to…


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